Music & Audio Samples

Professional Voice Talent

Retail – Eileen

Adding a timely message promoting their products and services while customers are browsing is an effective marketing use of in store announcements.

Financial – Bryan

With identity theft, financial institutions like banks and credit unions provide clients a list of preventative measures to use with their on hold program.

Restaurants – Andre

Restaurants direct on hold customers to their website to retrieve coupons, review menus, buy merchandise and promote special events to drive business.

Hospitals – Audrey

Quality care is the main focus for hospitals and health care facilities. Their on hold program reminds friends and families that their loved ones are in good hands.


Free – no1uno

Time Will Tell – Alon

Sound Design

TARAC WIPPP Music Video Trailer – Gallospole

Burn – no1uno

Machiavelli Funeral Homes – Gallospole

#FearTheChair – Gallospole


Chris Gately Interview