On Hold & Auto Attendant Solutions

Here & Now Plan

Looking for auto attendant messages or on hold music?

…but without a contract?

Introducing the Here & Now plan!


  • Like we said…no contract…use the programs as long as you wish…all for one price!
  • This plan covers everything you need…script, music, voice, equipment (if needed), production and licensing
  • Our equipment, specifically designed for on hold applications, comes with a 3 year warranty…all digital…no CDs or cassettes…believe it or not…some clients still use cassettes
  • Ideal for businesses with a consistent marketing strategy…few program changes needed…set it and forget it…well, most of the time

    Synergy Plan

    Looking to make program changes frequently?

    …but for a low monthly price?

    Introducing the Synergy plan!


    • Change your messages…music…voice…as often as you like…in the morning…during the day…or late at night
    • For a low monthly fee, this plan includes script, music, voice, equipment, production and licensing
    • Perfect solution for businesses in need of auto attendant, on hold and/or in store music and messaging services all under one plan
    • With our advanced technology, all program updates are done remotely…so you can focus on your business…or go to Disney World!
    • Opt for our commercial music service to add variety to your on hold and in store programs…who wants to hear the same music everyday?

    Here & Now v. Synergy: What’s the Difference?

    Contract or No Contract?…That is, the Question!

    Should you prefer to use our services on an “as needed” basis with no contract, then the Here & Now plan is perfect. You only pay when you need to update your program.

    But if you want to make changes frequently and desire a plan that covers everything from productions to equipment for a low monthly fee, then choose the Synergy plan.

    Should You Purchase or Lease?…this isn’t Car Talk

    Are you changing your music and messages frequently? Do you want the latest technology? Does maintenance and free replacements give you peace of mind? Then lease the equipment with our Synergy plan.

    Don’t make many program changes? Want something reliable, easy to use and with a 3 year warranty? Then hell, just buy it with our Here & Now plan.

    Manual Uploads or Remote Control?…can you hear me Major Tom?

    Change your programs frequently? Have multiple locations which require us to remotely update your on hold music and messages? Don’t want to enter that dark, dingy closet to update it yourself? Then you want our Synergy plan.

    Rarely change your program and only have one location? Enjoy that dark, dingy closet when you have to manually update your program? Then select our Here & Now plan.