On Hold & In Store Music, Messaging, Commercial Music Service

In An All Inclusive Plan!

On Hold Music PlanDo your promotions need to be changed frequently?

Do you have multiple locations, which require to be controlled remotely?

Do you want a dynamic, musical experience for your callers on hold?

The Synergy Plan is Your Solution!

For a low monthly fee, you’ll be able to change your on hold, auto attendant and in store music and messaging daily, weekly, monthly and at multiple locations controlled remotely so you can mind your business!

This plan includes copywriting, professional voice talent, music, licensing, production and scheduling. For an additional fee, you can opt for our business music service, which provides a wide variety of playlists enhancing the buying experience for your callers on hold and your customers browsing the store.

Since all programming is handled remotely, you can rest assured that all updates are completed according to your marketing schedule. Whether it’s done at different times during the day or seasonally, our technology offers flexibility and consistency to help you build your business!

You have complete editorial control from selecting the voice talent, music or playlists to approving the copy. In addition, changes can be made at anytime, for any reason. There’s no extra charge.

Our Advanced Music & Messaging Technology

With a reliable, high speed internet connection, our digital player can update automatically and output both music on hold and in store music and messages simultaneously. This eliminates the need for multiple players. The audio is CD quality and all maintenance and equipment upgrades are included in your Synergy plan.

This plan is the most comprehensive way to deploy on hold, auto attendant and in store music and messaging!

  • All Inclusive & Flexible
  • Low Monthly Fee
  • Make Program Changes at Anytime