On Hold Music & Messaging

You market above and below the line.

But are you minding what’s on the line?

You’re fully vested in your marketing from internet campaigns with social media to more traditional strategies such as display advertising and radio commercials. But are you overlooking the import of on hold music and messaging? The most targeted audience you can acquire is the people calling you! Research has proven, time and time again, that customers prefer relevant information when on hold. Mind what’s on your phone line…it’ll improve your bottom line!

What is On Hold Music & Messaging?

On hold music and messaging is an audio program, which combines music and messages relevant to the callers. Normally these programs are used for promotional purposes but others can just be informative. In addition, an on hold program may just be music. That is, the creators wish to merely impart the right ambience for their callers. The audio interfaces with a telephone system by either an external audio player or a soundfile uploaded to the on hold cue. When a caller is placed on hold, they will hear the program. This typically occurs when a caller is being transferred to an extension or is placed on hold.

Why should you Mind The Line?

Build Your Brand!

Inbound marketing is a vital strategy in reaching your customer and what better way to do it than when they’re on hold? Nothing beats a captive audience – just ask any parent of a 3rd grader during a music recital.

Messages On HoldPromote Your Products & Services!

Send them to your website to make that “one-time-special” purchase as part of their multi-tasking while on hold. You know they’re doing it…we all do.

Boast About Your Community Outreach Programs!

Pull this information out from a buried, unread page on your website and put it right out front for everyone to hear. Give them something that’s uplifting…rather than a slow death by flute solo.

Thank Your Callers Everyday!

Tell them you appreciate their business and the opportunity to serve them. Without your customers and vendors, you have no business.

It’s Better Than Silence!

You’ll experience less hang-ups and customer complaints. Ever experience being on hold with nothing but silence…you don’t know if they forgot you or have been disconnected…it’s frustrating…now you know how it feels.

Are you convinced yet?…Great!…Now here’s how it works!

Step 1: Which Plan?

You can select from either the Here & Now or Synergy plans. The difference between the two in a nutshell…

If you wish to use the same music and messages for a number of years, then the Here & Now is for you. It’s a one-time fee, which includes script, music, voice, production and delivery.

But if you need to change your music and messages often, then the Synergy plan is your best bet. For a low monthly fee, you’ll be able to change them as often as you like. This also includes script, music or our commercial music service, voice, production and delivery.

Step 2: The Script

We do it or you do it…or we can do it together…whatever floats your boat. Should you decide on us to write the script, we’ll set up a conference call with you and our copywriter. The purpose of the call is to provide guidance and resources for our copywriter to prepare your script. It normally takes 48 hours to complete. Upon receipt, you can make as many changes as you wish. You’re the boss. You have full editorial control.

Step 3: Professional Voice Talent

Select a voice from our library, which best reflects your company’s brand. International voices such as British and Spanish are available as well. Combine male and female voices to add variety. If you’re unsure, ask us for assistance.

Step 4: Licensed Music

You have two choices here. Either select music from our library or pick a channel from our commercial music service. Both offer a variety of genres. The big difference is the music changes frequently on our commercial music service whereas a single music selection just plays repeatedly.

Step 5: Production

All our productions are mixed and mastered in our really cool, rock star quality recording studio…just ask our kids! Upon completion, they’re ready for delivery.

Step 6: Equipment & Delivery

Several options:

Our USB Digital On Hold Player easily interfaces with your PBX/KEY or Hybrid PBX system. After receiving your preformatted soundfile via email, just copy it to your thumb drive and plug it into your player.

With VOIP systems, a preformatted soundfile is delivered via email. Upon receipt, your IT person will typically upload it to your on hold cue.

Our Internet On Hold Player accepts new music and messages downloaded remotely. No need to manually make any changes. Pretty sweet! In fact, you can make changes as often as you like. It’s that easy! Add our commercial music service for greater musical variety to your on hold programming.

Step 7: You’re Finished!…Now you’re minding the gap!