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Dolby Atmos 2024 Inaugural Seminar Presents Grammy Award-Winning Mastering Engineer Michael Romanowski

Our inaugural seminar for Dolby Atmos 2024 featured Michael Romanowski, a Grammy Award-Winning Mastering Engineer who has specialized in immersive audio since 2001.


Comcast, Dolby, ASA & AES Presents Dolby Atmos – Create the Next Generation of Immersive Audio Content

The next generation of immersive audio content is Dolby Atmos! Comcast, Dolby, AES & ASA came together to create an awesome event!

Lonely Wolf International Film Festival Bestows The Best Commercial Ad Award For Machiavelli Funeral Homes By Gallospole

The Lonely Wolf International Film Festival has awarded Machiavelli Funeral Homes by Gallospole aka Marc A. Gallo, Best Commercial Ad.

Machiavelli Funeral Homes Wins The Best Short Animation Award

This Best Short Animation Award from the Airflix Film Festival is just another of a growing list of accolades bestowed on the TARAC WIPPP animation series.

Mind The Gap Podcast With Benjamin F. Barnett, Founder of PIFF

In this Mind The Gap podcast hosted by Marc A. Gallo, Benjamin F. Barnett discusses the work of the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.

Marc A. Gallo (Gallospole) Wins Best Micro Film Award 2022 From Airflix Film Festival 

Airflix (UK), an international film festival, awarded Marc A. Gallo (Gallospole) Best Micro Film for the animation “When Your Hips Don’t Fit” in March 2022.


Sound Designer Marc A. Gallo Creates An Alien World For The Sci-Fi Animation, Fortina-2

Sound designer Marc A. Gallo has created an immersive alien world for the sci-fi animation, Fortina-2 by London-based animator Sean Sears.

Visualizing Sound – An AES Presentation by Marc A. Gallo, An Award-Winning Sound Designer

Watch this AES presentation by the Award-Winning Sound Designer Marc A. Gallo discuss the strategies in creating the TARAC WIPPP soundtrack.

Sound Design Lecture: Visualize Audio

Marc A. Gallo lectures at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ about visualizing width, depth and amplitude when creating sound designs for film, video and animations.

Gallospole and TARAC WIPPP, Award Winners At 2020 International Film Festivals

Gallospole & TARAC WIPPP received distinguished awards from international film festivals in 2020 including Best Trailer, Original Score & Experimental Film.

Chillin’ While On Hold at Tides Folly Beach Hotel in South Carolina

Our latest on hold production for Avocet Hospitality…  

Music Education

2016 Upper Darby Foundation Ball “A Sweet Night Out”

In an on going mission to support the arts and education, the Upper Darby Arts and Education Foundation hosted the 2nd Annual “A Sweet Night Out” Ball at Drexelbrook in Drexel Hill, PA on February 13th. With a cocoa-infused dinner buffet, alcohol infused drinks (at your own peril!) and funky music by Philly’s Chico Vibe, […]

Audrey Bentham Voice Talent

When On Hold, Delco Chamber Members Learn More

The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce having over 1200 members has a tremendous impact on local small businesses in the Philadelphia region. Suzanne Cody, the Marketing Director, contacted us to develop a new marketing plan to help reach them more efficiently. New to the on hold medium, Mind The Gap® worked closely with her in […]

Mind The Gap Scholarship Program

Steven Rogers, Music Composer, Mind The Gap’s Scholarship Winner Spring 2016

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than awarding an artist producing music from the breezeway in their home. No expensive recording studio, well-renowned engineer or high powered record label had any hand in creating this very innovative music composition, Clouds, by Steven Rogers, a student at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, PA. This winner […]

Auto Attendant Script

Silly Yuletide with Droga5

…about time a client has a sense of humor regarding auto attendant recordings! Be gone generic lines…”Thank you for calling the Boring Company, Press 1 for Boring Sales, Press 2 for Boring Customer Service, Press 3 for our Boring receptionist…at Boring, expect to be bored!” This time, Droga5, a major advertising agency from NYC, came […]

Mind The Gap Podcasts

Chris Gately: The Man Behind The Scene

I’ve known Chris for over twenty years. But we didn’t start out as friends. In the beginning, I hired him to correct technical problems in my studio and, believe me, there were many. He would arrive at my studio with his modest tool kit and ask me about the technical issues I was encountering. His […]

Mind The Gap Supports Music

Music Helped Our Scholarship Winner Through A Painful Childhood And Into A Productive Future

We’re pleased to announce that our Fall 2015 Scholarship has been awarded to Ashlei Alexander, a graduate student at the University of Maryland. Of the more than 400 essays submitted for the fall scholarship, Ashlei won our hearts with her essay, “An Ode to Hip Hop and Music.” (You can read it below.) She wrote about a childhood […]

Chico Huff, Marc A Gallo

Keys to Great Studio Recordings…

…surround yourself with great musicians and engineers! We just had two wonderful sessions with some great musical talent: Chico Huff on bass and Vic Stevens on drums. The days were long. There were numerous challenges. But pre-production and preparation were key in achieving excellent results. For Every Studio Session, Only One Musician After years of recording, […]

Mind The Gap’s Marc A. Gallo Interviewed by Tore Fiore on iRadioPhilly’s The Delco Show

Wow…what an interview! Tore Fiore was on fire! I was expecting a laid back discussion about Mind The Gap’s on hold music and messaging services but instead I was confronted with an engaging and testosterone-fueled pontification about how cool we are. Tore may look old but he acted like he just polished off 5 Red Bulls. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! […]

5 Quick Tips to Create a Complete Marketing Strategy

After 25+ years in business, I’ve come to learn quite a few things about what NOT to do in marketing my company. As always,  my proclivity was to toss the boomerang, wish for the best, never expect the worst and, of course, as fate would have it, see the boomerang head right back and smack me across the […]

Which On Hold Messaging Plan is Best for Your Company?

This is a common question asked by many of our prospects. It’s a given that on hold music and messaging is an integral part of your company’s advertising strategy. But the $64,000 question remains: How often should you change it? Two Types Of On Hold Clients We can generally divide our clients into two categories: […]

Your On Hold Music Sucks & Here’s Why

If you’re like me you probably hate being on hold. But in business it’s a necessary evil. Funny that I decided to own a company that specializes in “being on hold.” My motivation then and now is to change that experience. Make it captivating and even entertaining. So when a caller is placed on hold, […]

Why The On Hold Music?

I recently read an article written by Tom Vanderbilt for Slate titled “Your Call is Important to Us: The History and Psychology of Hold Music” and found it very interesting from a historical perspective to help explain why it is so common to hear on hold music and messaging when you are placed on hold today. […]

Bad On Hold Messaging Leads to Bad Customer Service

In a recently posted article, Comcast was taken to task for its reported bad customer service once again, by leaving a customer on hold for over 3 hours. 3 hours people! I can’t even imagine having to be placed on hold for that long and I am in the business of being on hold. YouTuber […]

On Hold Music Matters – Here’s Why

I have said it several times in many blog posts as “mistress of the obvious”: being on hold sucks. It just does and it is bad music that drives a lot of the negative feelings associated with this experience. Yet we can’t escape having to be on hold at some point so is there anything […]

Drum Session With Chuck Treece & David Ivory

Chuck Treece was invited to our studio to record drums and percussion for my upcoming EP. The session ran from April 21st through the 23rd. To assist in the recording, I also invited David Ivory, Grammy nominated recording engineer, and, although not present but certainly integral to the success of this session, Chris Gately, a well-respected technical engineer, […]

Don’t Ask Your Customers to Just Hold It!

How long do people stay on hold before they hang up? According to some research it is between 10-13 minutes before they reach a “boiling point” according to Business Insider. Customer Service Matters Although this research is a few years old, the pain suffered by people on hold does not really change unless the on hold […]

What Do People Do When There is No On Hold Messaging?

Being on hold is a necessary experience we all share, but many do not enjoy. If you have a professionally prepared on hold messaging program for customers to listen to then you are making the most of their time which will result in making the most of yours. It is a captive audience just waiting […]

Eileen Brady: Voiceover Artist, Actress, Jazz Vocalist

Eileen Brady, one of Mind The Gap’s talented voice over artists, always knew she wanted to be a performer. When she was a senior in high school she told her parents she wanted to be an actress. They were less than thrilled. Her father told her to get the newspaper and look through the want […]

Mind The Gap Featured in Forbes

I was recently introduced to Larry Myler, a Forbes contributor, who was writing an article on niche businesses. He was curious about my business which offers on hold messaging and on hold music. Unlike full service advertising agencies, Mind The Gap primarily focuses on hold applications. Our service seeks to maximize the marketing potential of […]

Mind Your Ears! (Infographic)

Many of us go about life enjoying the symphony of sounds from birds singing in the trees to your favorite band rockin’ out at a local music venue. These as well as other sounds give us great pleasure. But extensive exposure to sounds that might not seem very loud may in fact result in long term […]

Wood Group: How a Multi-National Group of Companies Is Creating a Cohesive Brand Identity

Wood Group is a $7 billion leading international energy services company that provides a range of services to the oil & gas and power generation industries. The company is involved in engineering, production support, maintenance management and industrial gas turbine overhaul & repair services … everything needed to support the full lifecycle of oil & […]

5 Topics to Use in Your On Hold Messaging

When creating your on hold messaging, many items to include may seem obvious like your address and website information. But if your intention is to keep callers on hold and not in a coma there are other more interesting items that you should consider including in any well written script. #1        New Products/Upgrades Are you […]

How to Write Intriguing, Compelling, Persuasive On Hold Messages…But Wait, That’s Not All!

Have you ever thought about who writes those messages you hear when you’re waiting on hold? If you have, the writer hasn’t done a very good job. Because you shouldn’t be thinking about how the message was written; whether it’s clever or funny, and certainly not if it’s annoying or pushy. You should be thinking […]

On Hold Messaging Commercial featuring Aidan & Ethan

Mind The Gap’s attempt to produce an on hold music and messaging commercial with background music provided by Aidan & Ethan. Watch how Marc Gallo tries to direct his co-actors (really his twin boys) to no avail. History This production was done during the summer of 2010. Aidan & Ethan were 6 years old and […]

Small Company: Big Marketing With On Hold Messaging

Think your company is too small to use on hold marketing? Think again. Despite what you have been told, size doesn’t matter, especially when it comes to on hold messages for business. Big ideas should not be the purview of large companies alone. How you direct the path of your business defines your brand and […]

Voice-Over Artist Audrey Bentham Knows When & When NOT To Speak

Being the voice-over in radio & TV commercials, countless promotional and instructional videos, as well as Mind The Gap on hold messages requires more than just a pleasant voice. Voice-over artist Audrey Bentham learned early in her career that how she interprets the script is, perhaps, the most important aspect of her job. One of […]

3 On A Drum Kit – Kids Playing Music

Get an inside peek of our musicians in the studio…3 on a drum kit…amazing performance…move over Beethoven…kids playing music…Awesome!

Why Adding a Commercial Music Service to On Hold Messaging Improves the On Hold Experience

If you already have an existing music on hold program, you are aware of the marketing value it brings to your company. You also recognize the value in rearranging your program often enough to keep your message effective. People’s tastes change like the wind so don’t keep your customer stuck listening to the same music […]

A Small Hospital with a Great Big Heart. Margaret Mary Health, Batesville, IN

Margaret Mary Health is a 25-bed critical access hospital located between Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis. It may have only 25 beds, but in many ways, it isn’t small at all. It provides a broad scope of services to a population of some 65,000 – including 24-hour emergency, maternity, outpatient rehabilitation, home health, hospice, and cancer […]

When Silence is Not Golden

If your customers are left with silence when you have to place them on hold, you are adding salt to an open wound. No one likes to be placed on hold for even for a short length of time. It is a business necessity, but it does not mean it has to be a painful […]

Andre Gardner, WMGK Radio Personality, and a Man Who’s Living His Dream

When I was about 13, I absolutely knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. I was going to be a disc jockey on the radio. What could be better than getting paid to play and talk about music, and to even have a voice in deciding what songs and artists become hits. […]


Promote your Products and Services Through On Hold Messaging

The Best Greeter Is Waiting On Hold Flourishing businesses are continuously proactive. A successful company never slows the quest for more sales, quality branding and excellent customer relations. Incoming telephone calls are the first interactive connection used to establish these important objectives. The best on-hold messaging designs fortify business development efforts. Poorly functioning systems weaken […]

How Marketing On Hold Improves Customer Support

Tell Your On Hold Customers What You Can Do for Them When customers are placed on hold it creates an opportunity for you to not only tell them about your company, but what services you can provide to fit various needs. For example, a customer is calling in to ask for hours of operation or […]

What I’m Missing in My Brand Messaging

Is Your Brand Messaging Consumer Friendly? One of the most important aspects of any brand is to create a memorable interaction that consumers can remember. This can be a specific tune, saying or image that individuals can easily identify for a product or service. When you consider the impact that messaging makes in order to […]

Our Scholarship Program Winner Moves To The Beat Of A Different Drummer

When we created the Mind The Gap® Scholarship Program, and tied it to our love of music by asking applicants to tell us how music has influenced their lives, we never expected that the winner would be a law school student. But Steve Hanson submitted an essay that was not only moving, inspirational and uplifting, […]

How a Company Grew When Traditional Marketing Was Off the Table

As a professional services firm, SVA is used to dealing with its client companies’ most closely held and protected information. Confidentiality has always been part of SVA’s business. Ren Patterson, who took over the reigns as Director of Marketing in 2005 (he’s now Creative Director for SVA), says that at one time consulting/accounting firms like SVA […]


Your Brain On Music (Infographic)

Endless research exists  on the impact music has on the brain. Music can affect the way you think, how you perform, and can increase your memory and attention. The results of listening to music can vary depending on the type of music playing as well. From the music you like to sing to the music […]


4 Steps to Implement On Hold Music for Multiple Locations

STEP #1: It’s all in the On Hold Copywriting All good on hold programs start with the writing. This is a must for any successful program because even the best music and most talented voices can’t overcome bad writing. If you do not have a marketing copy writer on staff, then solicit the experienced editorial […]

How to Avoid an On Hold Music Program from Hell

The Reality is No One Wants to be Placed On Hold It is just a necessary function of today’s business world. It is also an experience we all have shared at one time or another, but there is no rule that says it has to be painful. On Hold Music Hurts My Head  One of […]

Musicopia Gives Kids The Skills They Need For A Successful Life

It All Began with One Musical Child Some 40 years ago Denise Kinney was a public school student who was deeply involved in the school’s music program. She loved learning to play an instrument. She enjoyed the camaraderie of playing in the school orchestra. She had a feeling of accomplishment that motivated her, helped her […]


Four Benefits of On Hold Music

On Hold Music For Your Business On hold music for business applications has a number of benefits. From keeping impatient customers calm to helping you retain your client base, this simple method can help you succeed. We offer a number of solutions for a wide range of companies including hospitals, retail shops and hotels. Find […]

Help! My Clients Won’t Go to Sleep!

The Night Callers We all have that client. You know the one. Silent during normal business hours, but as soon as you go home  . . . BAM . . . they call. But you are long gone. Home. Eating dinner and watching some mindless reality TV while you client desperately needs information NOW but […]

What is On Hold Messaging?

Why On-Hold Messaging is Important When callers are placed on hold, it is vital that there is an audio program that can help keep the attention of the individual. Dead air is never a good thing whether you’re in radio or you’re using telecommunications as a primary interaction with customers. This background content is usually […]

On Hold for the Best Cupcakes in 2014

We are Just One Big Family We know what you’re thinking. Yes, they are family. So what? If you can’t shamelessly use your family to self-promote, then who can you use? Anthony Gallo, brother of Marc Gallo, President of Mind The Gap®, owns Gallo’s Bakery. Now despite their sibling rivalry, Gallo’s Bakery still wanted us […]

That Song Is Stuck In My Head!

Do you still sing your ABC’s? Can you remember the words to “I’m Just a Bill” and “Conjunction Junction what’s your function?” I know I can and my memory is not what it used to be I assure you. Although simplistic, it is a great example of how a little music can go a long […]

Learning Music Improves A Child's Academic Performance

Music education has shown statistically to improve a child’s performance in academics, creative problem solving and well-being.

Fenner Drives Phone Traffic Efficiently With Professional Auto Attendant Recordings

Fenner Drives uses professional auto attendant recordings by Mind The Gap to direct phone traffic more efficiently.

Big Woody’s Serves Up Hot Specials For Their On Hold Customers

Mind The Gap® bakes and delivers the on hold messages so Big Woody’s can serve their customers.


Mind The Gap’s Scholarship Program offers student’s who love music & education an opportunity to be awarded a semi-annual scholarship to those who apply.

On Hold Messaging By Mind The Gap Is the Right Cure For Greater Hazelton Health Alliance

Mind The Gap’s prescription of on hold music and messaging provides instant relief to GHHA patients, medical groups and affiliates.

"I told you! No wire hangers, ever!"

The on hold script focuses on how MOM! can improve the operational efficiencies of your office instead of their latest sales promotions

“Napoleon is always right.”

Bethel Mill Animal Hospital utilizes our on hold music and messaging services to inform and educate fellow pet owners throughout South Jersey.

“We got a wiring problem.”

JJ White Inc. sought the help of Mind The Gap’s on hold music and messaging services.

On Hold Messaging for Manufacturing

Fenner Drives turned to on hold messaging to inform their clientele about how they can keep the wheels of production turning.

On Hold Messaging with Classical Music

Classical music is very sonically pleasing to the on hold caller, but it poses a real challenge when mixing with on hold messages.

On Hold Messaging for Moving Companies

Nationwide Van Lines created on hold messages to educate and inform their callers about the various company policies and potential hazards of moving.

Outten Family of Dealerships Selects Mind The Gap for On Hold Messaging

Outten Family of Dealerships has selected Mind The Gap to provide professional on hold music and messaging to their Chevrolet and Chrysler dealerships.

MTG8000 Digital On Hold Player: A Case Study

The MTG8000 digital on hold player offers superior sound quality and reliability for most on hold music and messaging applications.

On Hold Music & Messaging for the Holidays

On hold holiday music and messaging is effective at expressing your gratitude and good will to those who communicate with your company during the holidays.

Mind The Gap Press Release on CBS Money

Mind The Gap Press Release on CBS Money

Article On In Store Messaging & Communications

Blog post by Randall Beard providing an overview of in store messaging and communications plus commentary on the importance of measuring its results.

Audio Mastering for Auto Attendant & On Hold Messaging

Due to poor sound quality on telephony & VOIP systems, audio mastering is required to improve the fidelity of auto attendant & on hold messaging on such systems.

MTG 1250i Digital In Store & On Hold Music & Messaging System

The MTG 1250i Digital System offers superior sound quality, fast downloads from a broadband internet connection and complex scheduling to meet any in store or on hold music and messaging application.

MTG 6000 Digital On Hold Music & Messaging Player

The MTG 6000 Digital On Hold Music & Messaging Player offers CD audio quality, over 2GB of memory plus ease of operation and installation.

Auto Attendant & On Hold Messaging By Mind The Gap ® Is Vayama’s Preferred Choice

Vayama finds just the right voices in Mind The Gap’s pool of international voice talent.

On Hold Messaging for the Trucking Industry

On hold messaging for the trucking industry can be effective in driving callers to their websites and informing them of their competitive advantages.

Voice & Music for Haven Hospice On Hold Messaging

Haven Hospice uses on hold messaging to impart compassion and warmth when their patients’ families and loved ones are on hold.

How Margaret Mary Community Hospital Uses On Hold Messaging

Margaret Mary Community Hospital informs and educates their callers about new medical technologies, services and building improvements with on hold messaging.

Synergize Your On Hold Copy

Cy-Fair’s Marketing Director, April Jones, utilizes on hold messaging to augment Cy-Fair promotions and events advertised in other media.

Case Study: Lincoln Property Co. & On Hold Messaging

Lincoln Property Co. utilizes on hold messaging to build their brand in the commercial real estate industry.

Recommendations for the On Hold Messaging Association MARCE Awards

In spite of certain omissions and limitations, I think this on hold competition by OHMA is good for our industry and we look forward to participating in the future.

Harley Davidson Dealers Rev Up Their On Hold Messaging With Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap is chosen as the preferred on hold messaging provider for Classic Harley Davidson and American Twin Harley Davidson.

Mind The Gap Delivers Powerful In Store And On Hold Messaging For Mealey’s Furniture

Mealey’s Furniture deploys the iMIND Digital Messaging System at all its retail locations.

Deep Thoughts for On Hold Messaging in the Hospitality Industry

We just completed an on hold messaging program for the Wyndham Hotel in Phoenix, AZ. Wonderful voice performance by Eileen Brady counterpointed by an edgy, contemporary music composition. The script was well written by our wordsmith Mark Ellis highlighting all the hospitable complements in this chic hotel. If you’d like to listen, go to […]

A Voiceover Technique: Hey, I’m Talking To You!

Voiceover techniques vary depending on who’s listening. Specifically, the technique for an on hold message differs from an in store message. Mind the context.

Internet Configuration for the 1250i & iMIND: An Exception to the Rule

As matter of practice, I always recommend assigning a static IP to either the 1250i or iMIND players and parking them in the router’s DMZ, ensuring they’re outside our client’s firewall. But, as always, some routers are fickle and therefore require following an exception to the rule.

Hyatt Regency Denver Updates Its On Hold Messaging Program With Mind The Gap

The on hold messaging services provided by Mind The Gap is proving to be a valuable marketing tool for luxury hotels around the United States and Canada.

Finding Your Company’s Voice

Choosing a voice for your company is a pretty big decision – whether it’s for a TV commercial, radio spot, a Mind The Gap on-hold message or an in-store announcement.

Voice, In Store & On Hold Messaging: Another Form of Inbound Marketing

All of us know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), social media and blogging on major social and business networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. This new media is a groundbreaking approach to marketing. The old way, better known as outbound marketing, intends to “push” the message (i.e. TV and radio advertising). […]

iMIND Digital Messaging System

Mind The Gap is proud to introduce the iMIND Digital Messaging System, manufactured by Nel-Tech Labs. The iMIND features dual audio engines and outputs near CD audio quality.

Tips For Creating On Hold Messages

Writing on hold messages is a lot like copywriting for other advertising. But it’s also completely different. All advertising needs to be relevant to its audience. It needs to grab their attention, create some interest, and make it easy to remember the key message.