Here & Now

Music On Hold, Messages, Auto Attendant, IVR & Voicemail Recordings

for a One Time Fee!

Do your products and services seldom change?

Do you intend to use the same marketing message for at least one year?

Do you need to mind your on hold gap?

We Have the Solution for You!

The Here & Now Plan is a one-time investment, all-inclusive plan. Everything you need to produce custom on hold music and messages or auto attendant greetings are included.

This plan includes all copywriting (you approve), professional voice talent (you choose), licensing (lawyers choose – hey they have to eat too), music (you choose from our library), equipment (you choose) and production (we choose because we have the studio).

We write the copy, but you control the content. If you want to write it, even better! Nothing is produced unless you approve it.

Digital On Hold Music Players

Don’t have a player? No worries, we have them too. Our digital on hold players output near CD quality and include a 3 year Digital Music On Hold Playerwarranty. You can conveniently change your music on hold program with a standard USB thumb drive. It’s a high performer with no moving parts so it will probably outlast your program if you never come back and change it.

It easily interfaces with any PBX, KEY or Hybrid PBX phone system. Should you have VOIP, then no player is needed. We simply send you a .wav or u-law file (tech talk here) to upload to your phone system. Your vendor managing your VOIP normally does this.

This plan is the most cost effective way to implement your music and messaging!

  • No Contract
  • No Annual Fees
  • You will never have to talk to us again, unless you want to of course.