Auto Attendant Greetings

Who’s Answering Your Phone?

You’re only as good as you sound. So sound professional when your customers call! Whether your system is auto attendant, voicemail, IVR or another kind, Mind the Gap® will produce auto attendant recordings that direct phone traffic efficiently and sound great.

What is Auto Attendant?

Auto Attendant is the first recorded messages heard by your callers if the receptionist doesn’t answer. It’s an important feature of your telephone system, which directs phone traffic to the desired contact.

For instance, if a caller reaches your auto attendant system, they’ll probably hear “Thank you for calling The Best Company In The World! Press 1 for Super Sales. Press 2 for Fantastic Customer Service. Press 3 for…” That’s auto attendant.

In addition to directing phone traffic during normal business hours, it also informs callers during your after hours and emergency closings due to inclement weather. Some companies use auto attendant greetings for promotional purposes. This could be an up coming event such as a new product launch or simply encouraging callers to visit the website for more information.

Why should I Care Who Answers the Phone?

Sound Professional!

Auto Attendant RecordingsJust like it’s important to look professional, it’s equally important to sound professional! With our voice talent, you’ll have access to the best spokespeople in the industry. Remember, this is your callers’ first impression of your company. Make it count…and we’ll make you sound great!

Ah, That First Impression!

Branding…it’s an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy. This includes your website, brochures, signage, videos and audio. Auto attendant recordings are commonly overlooked. You can select a professional voice talent from our roster that reflects your brand. This is your callers’ first impression…and it could be their last.

Command & Control!

With a well-written auto attendant script, you can direct phone traffic efficiently and effectively and advise your callers of pertinent information. This information includes hours of operation, shipping address, order status and many others. The man-hours saved by providing automated answers compounds like interest. Now who doesn’t want to save money?

Are you convinced yet?…Great!…Now here’s how it works!

Step 1: Which Plan?

You can select from either the Here & Now or Synergy plans. The difference between the two in a nutshell…

If you wish to use the same messages for a number of years, then the Here & Now is for you. It’s a one-time fee, which includes script, voice, production and delivery.

But if you need to change your messages often, then the Synergy plan is your best bet. For a low monthly fee, you’ll be able to change your messages as often as you like. This also includes script, voice, production and delivery.

Step 2: The Script

Most clients prepare their own scripts. But we can write them for you too! If you prefer to write them, please be sure to consult with your phone vendor for the correct extension numbers and chronological order of the auto attendant messages.

Step 3: Voice Talent

Select a voice from our library, which best reflects your company’s brand. International voices such as British and Spanish are available as well.

Step 4: Your Auto Attendant System

Depending on your type of system, we can deliver your auto attendant recordings in two ways. Whether your system is IVR, a Hybrid PBX or VOIP, we’ll send you soundfiles in a compatible format, such as .wav or u-law, for playback. Your phone vendor should know the required format.

If your voicemail system requires the voice talent to access it remotely to record the messages, then we’ll need the dial in instructions. The recording will occur during after hours. You’ll be notified upon completion. Additional charges will apply.

Step 5: You’re Finished!…Now you’re minding the gap!