In Store Music & Messaging

Are You Minding Your Store?

Have you ever found yourself singing along to the song among the vegetables in Aisle 1 at the grocery store? How about a little Zeppelin with your zucchini or Bon Jovi with your Bok Choy? You have to admit that it adds some pep to your step!

And it probably influences your buying behavior too. Now we’re not talking mind control but retailers have found in store music and messages help to enhance the buying experience, improve their brand and promote their products and services.

Now if you’re not minding your store, let us show you how it can help your business!

What is In Store Music & Messaging?

In Store Messages

In store music and messaging is audio from a digital player amplified through a speaker system. You’ve heard this many times before just by strolling in a mall. The audio comprises a commercial music service, that includes different genres like rock, pop, hip-hop and others, and messages that promote a retailer’s products and services.

A commercial music service is also commonly known as overhead music, background music or, more broadly, on-site marketing.

The in store music and messages are remotely downloaded to the digital player through the internet. All changes are scheduled and can be made daily, weekly or according to any predetermined marketing campaign.

To protect retailers from any legal liability, music licensing is included. In addition, the equipment, messages and programming are all provided by your in store music provider.

So Why Should You Mind The Store?

Business Music Service

Create The Right Vibe Dude!

Look, when you walk into a Harley-Davidson shop, don’t expect them to be playing Mozart. Expect some sub genre of rock n roll. Perhaps Heavy Metal…Metallica…Blues…Stevie Ray Vaughn, anyone? It sets the tone for the Harley-Davidson brand.

You Got Them In The Store, Now Seize The Day!

While your customers are browsing and grooving to the overhead music, insert in store announcements about your current promotions or up coming events. We not only produce these messages, but we can schedule them to play at specific times during the day, week, month and year!

Let Us Mind Your Store For You!

Don’t try to manage the in store music yourself. You have more important things to do like building your business! Our technology allows us to remotely program the music and messages according to your specifications. You don’t have to worry about CDs or manual uploads to change your programming.

Mind The Law!

You don’t want to be breaking the law. If you’re using a radio or a free music streaming service in your store, it’s not exactly cool or, shall I say, lawful with the Big Brothers over at ASCAP and BMI. So for peace of mind, all licensing and royalty fees are included in our plans.

You Want In Store Music? Do I Hear YEAH?!

Lots of Music Selections to Create the Right Vibe!

Our music channels blend a wide range of musical styles from pop, country and rock to jazz, hip-hop and holiday. Whatever gets your customers groovin’ will keep your business movin’!

Music Streaming is Totally NOW!

If you have a reliable, high speed internet connection, you’re going to have awesome music! Our technology ensures 24/7 playback…assuming you leave the power on! No changing CDs, manual uploading or setting up satellite dishes. Nuff said!

Customized Channels Available!

Need a customized channel for your unique brand? Let Mind The Gap prepare playlists and messages that are specifically designed for your clientele. Additional charges apply.

Client Profile: Mealey’s Furniture

In Store Announcements

Mealey’s Furniture has worked closely with Mind The Gap to help create their signature marketing campaign for their in store customers. Mealey’s is providing beautiful music for shoppers to enjoy, but is simultaneously educating them about new sales, exclusive club memberships for added savings and gift reward programs. By providing both music and timely updates, Mind The Gap has helped Mealey’s serve the needs of their customers while they’re in the store resulting in increased sales.

Are you digging it?…Cool!…So here’s how it works?

Step 1: The Plan

Our Synergy plan is all inclusive. Services from production, music streaming, maintenance to programming and licensing are included. Your monthly fee is determined by the amount of locations and how many messages are required. Music playlist changes are unlimited.

Step 2: The Music

Select from a variety of music channels. Playlists are updated everyday eliminating repetition during the day. Changes can be made remotely or on site.

Step 3: The Messages

Customized in store messages are available. This includes copywriting, voice, production and scheduling. Space announcements about your promotions every 20 minutes or so depending on your customers’ browsing time.

Step 4: Deployment

With a high speed internet connection, you’ll enjoy professional and reliable in store music and messaging. Though initial setup is easy, it’s recommended that your IT person assist during installation.

Step 5: Scheduling

Change your music and messages as often as you like. Our sophisticated programming can even make changes during different times of the day. Unlimited playlist and message scheduling is included in your Synergy plan.

Step 6: Now you’re minding your store!