Support Music Education

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Music is important. Education is important.

Supporting Music EducationTogether they are at the soul of who we are as human beings. Our curiosity feeds our brains while music feeds our hearts.

The fact that intellectual growth is nursed by exposure to music is supported by many research papers and studies, yet music programs are the first items on the chopping block of many public school budgets in the United States.

At Mind The Gap® we strive to remind people of the importance of music in children’s lives through our website and support of numerous programs and organizations both locally and nationally. Music education lays the bedrock from which our children can build upon.

Mind The Gap Scholarship Program

At Mind The Gap®, we love music.

-Aidan & Ethan

Our love for music is reflected in what we do.

Mind The Gap Scholarship ProgramReflecting our mission in supporting the musical arts, we want to support students’ love for music as they continue their journey through college as well and that is why we are proud to announce our new initiative, the Mind The Gap® Scholarship Program.

Twice a year we will be offering a scholarship award to provide financial assistance for books or tuition for one student currently enrolled in an accredited American university or college who wins our essay contest.

We hope that you will share our announcement with your friends and colleagues and help us grow our mission to make life a little more musical.

Mind The Gap Supports Music