Music Education

Mind The Gap Music Mission

It is our mission at Mind The Gap® to make the world a more musical place or at least the world that we touch.

We advocate for music in schools through our support of local as well as national organizations that help keep music alive for children of all social and economic backgrounds in a time when they are losing more and more access to it.

Educate Yourself Musically

At the Mind The Gap® blog we highlight the latest articles and studies that show the positive influence music has on children. We hope that by sharing more information more people will support the continuation of music programs in their neighborhood schools before they are lost.

Support Music Education
A&E rockin’ it in the studio!

Walking the walk…Talking the talk!

We don’t stop there.

We walk the walk – sing the song – strum the strings – drum the drums – by giving back.

With every sale, Mind The Gap® donates a percentage to programs and organizations who support music education such as Musicopia, a non-profit organization bringing music performance and education to students throughout the Delaware Valley. They help us to fulfill our mission and share the music with as many children as possible.

You’ll not only receive great music and messaging from us but, perhaps more importantly, the satisfaction of giving many the opportunity to play music so they can enrich and empower their lives.

Now that’s a great feeling!

Thank you for minding the gap.