5 Quick Tips to Create a Complete Marketing Strategy

After 25+ years in business, I’ve come to learn quite a few things about what NOT to do in marketing my company. As always,  my proclivity was to toss the boomerang, wish for the best, never expect the worst and, of course, as fate would have it, see the boomerang head right back and smack me across the head. Ouch!!! Believe me…I have the scars to prove it.

But, on the other hand, you don’t want to overthink your marketing strategy. This leads to deliberating over too many options which leads to procrastination and ultimately paralysis. In other words, you end up developing an elaborate plan that looks great on paper but, in the end, you never get around to executing it.

So here’s five quick tips to create and launch a marketing strategy.

  • Music On HoldBe Diversified! Don’t put all your money and efforts into one medium. Even though you may believe that an internet strategy is the panacea to your company’s success, it’s equally critical to incorporate traditional marketing channels. It’s no different than managing your stock portfolio. Be well diversified!
  • Set a Budget & Stick to It! Don’t go over budget within your predetermined time horizon…unless your marketing plan is making money. If not, recalibrate and reestablish realistic goals. Having tunnel vision can lead you and your company to the abyss!
  • Network, Network & Network! Some call it prospecting but I just say good ole fashioned face to face communications goes a long way in building rewarding and profitable business relationships. It’s not very sexy for the technocrats but it brings home the bacon.
  • Seek Outside Advice! Don’t create a marketing plan in a bubble. Consult with marketing experts from other industries who will see your strategy from outside your box. New insight and subsequent revisions to your campaign is assured…and all for the better!
  • Mind Your Inbound Marketing! It’s real easy to be hyper-focused on getting your message out but don’t neglect those who are calling in. Simply put, make sure the people who answer your phone, the music on hold, the appearance of your office or store reflect your company’s brand. You don’t want to appear great in your ads but look and sound like shit when your customers respond.