Finding Your Company’s Voice

Choosing a voice for your company is a pretty big decision – whether it’s for a TV commercial, radio spot, a Mind The Gap on-hold message or an in-store announcement. That person is going to represent your company. Your corporate values, your “personality,” and your image are all expressed through your voice talent.

As someone who’s been working with Mind The Gap for more than 15 years as a voice talent, I take my role as the “voice” of their clients’ companies very seriously. Although I’m always on the other side of the audition process, I can offer some tips that will help you find the most appropriate voice to represent your company.

Be able to describe the personality of your company

Of course, you know what the personality of your company is (or what personality you want to project). But you’re so close to your business, you may not be able to put that “personality” into words. So think about it. Is your business strong & authoritative? Is it friendly, helpful and eager to please? Wise, knowing, experienced and trustful? Maybe it’s warm and nurturing.

Think, too, about who your main customers are, and to what personality type they would best respond. (If your customers are primarily teenage girls, for example, you may not want a voice which sounds old & wise, even if your company has been around for generations.)

Your spokesperson should be the embodiment of the personality you want to     project. You can really narrow down your choices – and all the voices you need to hear – by knowing the personality of your business.

Choose a voice talent who has done something in the same style in which you want your message delivered

Don’t choose someone just because you like their voice. Listen for something they’ve done that’s in the same style as what you want. Experienced voice talent are usually quite versatile so you’ll often hear several approaches on their demo. When you hear one of their samples that sounds like what you want, make a note of what the spot was so you can tell them the style you’re interested in.

With so much talent now equipped with recording studios in their homes, as I am, you can scour the country to find just the right voice. I know that’s what Mind The Gap does for their clients. But you still need to know what you’re looking for … or it could be a long and fruitless search.