Harley Davidson Dealers Rev Up Their On Hold Messaging With Mind The Gap


Mind The Gap is chosen as the preferred
on hold messaging provider for Classic Harley Davidson
and American Twin Harley Davidson

December 21, 2009 … As more and more retailers recognize the benefits of having a strong, flexible on hold messaging program, retail operations across the country are turning to Mind The Gap for the company’s experience and its unsurpassed technological abilities.

Harley Davidson LogoThe latest retailers to name Mind The Gap as their preferred on hold messaging provider are Classic Harley Davidson near Reading, PA and American Twin Harley Davidson in Corning, NY. Both retailers sell and repair Harley Davidson bikes as well as offer a variety of genuine parts and accessories.

Marc A. Gallo, President of Mind The Gap, explains that “An effective on hold program can be a strong marketing tool that builds customer loyalty and helps create additional sales.  In a challenging economy, businesses need every advantage they can get, so it’s no wonder that so many retailers are adding on hold messaging to their marketing programs.”

Classic Harley DavidsonGallo also explains one of the advantages of Mind The Gap’s services: “We understand that retail dealerships with varied products and services often need to change their on hold messages quickly.  Our digital on hold player, the MTG 1250i, enables us to remotely download new programming via the internet within a day or less.  For example, the Harley Davidson dealerships hold many events throughout the year to attract potential customers to their showrooms.  With the MTG1250i, it’s extremely cost-effective to keep their on hold messaging up to date.

Mind The Gap professional on hold messaging services include scriptwriting, voice talent, music, audio production, licensing and digital on hold players.  These services interface with a client’s existing telephony system permitting them to inform, market, educate and promote their products and services to their customers and prospective customers while on hold.

For more information about Mind The Gap and their on hold messaging solutions, please visit www.wemindthegap.com