How to Avoid an On Hold Music Program from Hell

The Reality is No One Wants to be Placed On Hold

It is just a necessary function of today’s business world. It is also an experience we all have shared at one time or another, but there is no rule that says it has to be painful.

On Hold Music Hurts My Head Music On Hold

One of the biggest reasons being on hold is such a difficult experience is not just the amount of time you are hold, but the music you are forced to listen to. There is no earthly reason why the music on hold needs to be the aural equivalent of root canal. In a world full of musical options you have to ask yourself why anyone would force their clients to sit through bad music.  We don’t know either.

How Do You Dull the Pain?

Any good on hold company will offer their clients a full array of all genres of music. New music is available almost daily for proper (and legal) use in this format. Not only should companies provide a large selection, they cannot be afraid to press the margins artistically by using alternative music in their productions as well. Adding options like commercial music is another way to provide variety into the mix.

Limiting your productions to just generic or canned music is not the best way to serve any industry or your clients well. Updating old, tired music is a great opportunity to wake your clients up and re-introduce them to your brand.

What is that Voice In My Head?

Just as important as the music is the quality of the voice talent you use in the on hold message program. The voice is the brand industries look for to help carry their marketing message out into the world. It can be agonizing to hear a monotonous moaning echoing on the other end of the line. On hold companies need to work with the best in their business to be able to produce higher quality programs.

Consider using more than one voice in the program. Ever think about having someone with an English accent? You can also use children if your industry is an appropriate match.

The next time you are placed on hold and you are contemplating self-medicating to dull the pain just tell the person on the other side to up their game (in a nice, professional way of course) and help make the world a little more musical.