Internet Configuration for the 1250i & iMIND: An Exception to the Rule

As matter of practice, I always recommend assigning a static IP to either the 1250i or iMIND players and parking them in the router’s DMZ, ensuring they’re outside our client’s firewall. But, as always, some routers are fickle and therefore require following an exception to the rule.

In one instance, we had deployed the iMIND players at all Mealey’s locations following our normal procedures. All worked according to plan but for one. It failed to connect back to our server. Without a connect back, you cannot download new programming.

Our initial focus was on Mealey’s router configuration. Perhaps ports 3020 were blocked for outbound traffic. Our units typically utilize pull technology and in this case they were configured as such. After we determined that there were no router restrictions our attention turned to the iMIND.

We attempted a forced connect back but to no avail. Even though it was playing back properly the programming preloaded, we decided to send a replacement to ensure it wasn’t our unit. Upon receipt, we encountered the same problem.

Feeling stumped, we decided to try a dynamic IP address, which was not only contrary to our recommendation but also not even consistent with Mealey’s normal configuration. After implementing the change and performing a successful forced connect back, we discovered, once again, there’s always an exception the rule.