Marc A. Gallo (Gallospole) Wins Best Micro Film Award 2022 From Airflix Film Festival 

Airflix (UK), an international film festival, awarded Marc A. Gallo (Gallospole) Best Micro Film for the animation “When Your Hips Don’t Fit” in March 2022.

Featuring award-winning animator Sean Sears (UK) from Prawnimation and the highly-acclaimed actor Bryan Ramona, this short animation is a sardonic public relations spot for the political allegory TARAC WIPPP, which stands for The American Right for Adequate Chair Width In Public & Private Places.

Award Winner TARAC WIPPP

According to Gallospole, “Public relations in the realm of politics is designed and intended to exploit explicitly, yet reward discreetly in the name of public interest. When Your Hips Don’t Fit is about Americans with metabolic differences who can’t find adequate seating. But for whose ultimate benefit?”

TARAC WIPPP was created by Gallospole aka Marc A. Gallo in 2019. It comprises a series of works ranging from animations, musicals and comedy sketches. This is the second film festival award received by this series. In 2020, TARAC WIPPP – The Music Video Trailer, received Best Trailer from DMOFF.

Airflix Film Festival (UK) is open to filmmakers worldwide and awards great talent in acting, production and direction plus creators of feature films, web series and screenplays.

When Your Hips Don’t Fit is also an Official Selection for the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and Lonely Wolf International Film Festival in 2022.

Marc A. Gallo uses Digital Performer by MOTU to design his soundtracks for films, videos and animations.

Note: This post originally appeared at the official site for Marc A. Gallo.