MTG 1250i Digital In Store & On Hold Music & Messaging System

MTG 1250i Digital In Store & On Hold Music & Messaging System

The MTG 1250i Digital System produces CD audio quality for in store and on hold music and messaging applications. New, high quality programming can be remotely downloaded through a broadband internet connection. Its quality and reliability supersedes comparable systems using telephone lines and satellites to download new programming.

The MTG 1250i has some notable features. First, playback sample rates up to 48KHz at 320 Kbps can be achieved to deliver superior sound quality. Second, the MTG 1250i offers push or pull technology for internet downloads. This flexibility gives you programming options including updates as often as every 10 minutes. Third, with complex scheduling, you can set up multiple playlists to be performed at different times or days. Finally, the MTG 1250i interfaces easily with any commercial music service delivering background music to your location.

Case Study: MMCH Hansen Center

MMCH Hansen CenterThe Hansen Center, an award winning cancer center in Batesville, Indiana and part of the Margaret Mary Community Hospital network, selected the MTG 1250i to deliver pristine on hold music and messaging from Mind The Gap. Superior sound quality, ease of operation and 24/7 online access to its on hold programs made the MTG 1250i the perfect choice.

When new programming is needed for the Hansen Center, MTG schedules the download from their dedicated server to deliver it through an authorized port on their broadband internet router. To ensure network security, it’s recommended that the MTG 1250i be configured with a static IP address in the router’s DMZ or in front of your firewall with ports 3001 to 3017 available for outbound access only. This pull configuration only permits downloads at a certain time of day.

The MTG 1250i Digital System offers superior sound quality, fast downloads from a broadband internet connection and complex scheduling to meet any in store or on hold music and messaging application.

The MTG 1250i is manufactured by Nel-Tech Labs.