That Song Is Stuck In My Head!

Do you still sing your ABC’s?

Can you remember the words to “I’m Just a Bill” and “Conjunction Junction what’s your function?” I know I can and my memory is not what it used to be I assure you. Although simplistic, it is a great example of how a little music can go a long way supporting ones’ ability to recall information quickly.

Music for Memory
My son, Aidan, improves his memory by singing the Sponge Bob theme.

We all have that special song that takes us to a point in our past that is so vivid and alive with no detail forgotten. What we wore, where we were, who we were with, and when it happened can be as clear as it was just yesterday when we hear that song. Why do we remember those moments and still can’t remember where we left our keys this morning?

Who knows, but maybe a little music may provide some help. A recent study found that people learning Hungarian had better results when they sang the phrases. The question of “Hol vannak a kulcsok?” (English Translation from the Hungarian: “Where are my keys?”) may be easier to answer if you add some music!

I Remember My Parents played their (choose one: 8-tracks, records, cassettes, CD’s).

While music helps us remember our pasts, it allows us to reminisce about our parents and grandparents lives through their music experiences. In a study of young adults’ personal memories associated with music, researchers found an impact of the music of their childhood when they listened to music that was playing in their homes.

If you were lucky enough to grow up in a household where music was played, it is that music, their music that introduced us to artists like Elvis Presley, the Beatles or the Supremes. In my childhood home it was The Carpenters and Glenn Campbell and I can state with some certainty that is where that music stays; in my memory.

So Why Does Music Help Us Remember?

Maybe the answer lies in some studies listed here.

What’s the takeaway? Next time you put your keys down, maybe you should sing a song about it before you walk away and forget where you left them.