When On Hold, Delco Chamber Members Learn More

Audrey Bentham Voice Talent

The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce having over 1200 members has a tremendous impact on local small businesses in the Philadelphia region. Suzanne Cody, the Marketing Director, contacted us to develop a new marketing plan to help reach them more efficiently. New to the on hold medium, Mind The Gap® worked closely with her in […]

When Silence is Not Golden

If your customers are left with silence when you have to place them on hold, you are adding salt to an open wound. No one likes to be placed on hold for even for a short length of time. It is a business necessity, but it does not mean it has to be a painful […]

Help! My Clients Won’t Go to Sleep!

The Night Callers We all have that client. You know the one. Silent during normal business hours, but as soon as you go home  . . . BAM . . . they call. But you are long gone. Home. Eating dinner and watching some mindless reality TV while you client desperately needs information NOW but […]

iMIND Digital Messaging System

Mind The Gap is proud to introduce the iMIND Digital Messaging System, manufactured by Nel-Tech Labs. The iMIND features dual audio engines and outputs near CD audio quality.