When On Hold, Delco Chamber Members Learn More

The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce having over 1200 members has a tremendous impact on local small businesses in the Philadelphia region. Suzanne Cody, the Marketing Director, contacted us to develop a new marketing plan to help reach them more efficiently. New to the on hold medium, Mind The Gap® worked closely with her in order to produce impactful on hold messages.

The Written WordOn Hold Messages

Mark Ellis, our copywriter with over 30 years’ experience, helped Suzanne to highlight the most vital marketing points needed to create a strong on hold program. During the interview, they discussed the specific activities and services offered by the Chamber to their members.

In addition to the interview, Mark also used the Chamber’s website and marketing materials in preparing the script. On hold script writing is unique in that it delivers clear and concise messages. Unlike brochures and blogs, which tend to be verbose, brevity is a virtue in the on hold medium. This is a specialized skill, which Mark has mastered.

The Spoken Word

After script approval, Suzanne selected Audrey Bentham, one of Mind The Gap’s most popular voices, from our voice talent library. Audrey has decades of professional experience and currently provides her talents for WHYY in Philadelphia. For businesses, using a locally recognizable talent like Audrey can have a strong impact on their brand.

Suzanne then selected a contemporary rock composition from our music library, which complemented Audrey’s voice and catered to the progressive mindset of the Chamber’s members.

The Final Word

Jordan Rhode, an audio engineering graduate from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, produced their program on our digital audio workstation, Digital Performer.

On hold productions are mixed with the voice dominant so our client’s messages can be heard clearly. In addition, this digital medium provides exceptional sound quality.

After production, the sound file was loaded onto our on hold digital player and installed at the Chamber’s offices.

Our player allows us to remotely download new programs via the internet should the Chamber decide to update their messages or just change the music. This remote control gives us and the Chamber hands free operation and helps them mind the needs of their members.