When Silence is Not Golden

If your customers are left with silence when you have to place them on hold, you are adding salt to an open wound. No one likes to be placed on hold for even for a short length of time. It is a business necessity, but it does not mean it has to be a painful one. Why not give your clients a pleasant experience that is both informative and captivating?

Fill the SilenceMusic On Hold

At a minimum, your company should be playing music on hold. This will at least let your customers know they still are on hold and that you have not disconnected them. On hold players can be loaded with a selection of music that can loop or a simple digital file can be downloaded into your phone system.

A newer alternative is to stream commercially recognized music into your phone system. This is not to say you should plug into Pandora or you favorite local radio station. Licensing fees must be paid to the artists who create their music. Otherwise, your efforts could result in the payment of hefty fines if discovered. A reputable on hold company will include these licensing fees in their streaming pricing so you are protected.

Say Something…Please!

Although music is a good option for filling the silence, a better option would be to add information about your company to the music program. On hold messages can play a significant role in your overall marketing scheme so they should not be discounted.

While your clients are on hold they are a captive audience which is a dream to any marketer. Why not take this opportunity to tell them about all your services they may not otherwise be aware of? What about your new promotions? Add them to your message and update them frequently with ease. Streaming digital players allow for your on hold company to load your updates for you so you are free to focus on your business.

Creating a Music On Hold Program

This is not a daunting task. Share you marketing mission with your on hold company and let them run with it. The right company will be able to create a message and music program that is tailored to your unique brand.

The steps are simple: copy writing, music selection, voice selection, production and then final delivery. This can all happen in a matter of days. It does not take long to provide your customers with a professional marketing campaign on the line so don’t leave your customers in the dark quietude of a marketing dead zone. If you like them and want them to return, give them something to help them do just that.