“We got a wiring problem.”

“We got a wiring problem.”

Remember the movie, The Towering Inferno? Practically every critical system failed in that building. To extinguish the fire, the firefighters had to blow up the water tanks on the top floor.  Afterwards, do you think the company maintaining these critical systems kept their contract with the owners?

JJ White Inc.Extinguishing any concerns for callers interested in reliable building management, construction and maintenance is a top priority for  JJ White Inc. With the professional assistance of Mind The Gap’s on hold music and messaging services, they were able to create a program to fizzle those flames.

To impart an authoritative tone, they selected Andre Gardner whose distinctive, rich baritone voice fuels trust and confidence in JJ White’s brand and services.

Listen and escape any towering inferno safely by minding the safety gaps stressed in JJ White’s on hold program.