What is On Hold Messaging?

Why On-Hold Messaging is Important

When callers are placed on hold, it is vital that there is an audio program that can help keep the attention of the individual. Dead air is never a good thing whether you’re in radio or you’re using telecommunications as a primary interaction with customers. This background content is usually in the form of messages, music or a mixture of both. Why is it important to deliver hold messaging or music?

Provide Resourceful Information for your Callers

A large portion of technical or assistance-driven call centers includes information within the on-hold messaging feature. Sometimes, a person can learn what they need to know within these messages and may simply hang up. This clears the queue for other customers who may have a more pressing problem. For example, many Internet providers will include basic troubleshooting tips within the hold message that could benefit the caller. Using these tips, the individual may be able to correct the problem him or herself making the phone call obsolete. At which point, he or she hangs up, allowing another person to take their place.

Market your Products or ServicesOn Hold Services

Some organizations will include product and service announcements within on-hold messaging. By waiting for a company representative, the person on hold can learn of new products or services offered that he or she might not be aware. This works a bit like radio advertisements and has great potential for peaking the interest of the calling party. These messages entice callers to make additional purchases in the near future. The on hold messages of these organizations often detail package deals and prices.

Entertain with On Hold Music

Since the early days of placing people on hold, music has been played in order to pass the time for the caller. It’s associated with providing a professional atmosphere while helping to alert the caller when an associate has picked up the line. Anyone who has called a business understands what it means when the music suddenly stops halfway through a good song. It’s never a bad idea to attempt to entertain your target audience. Music takes away the emptiness of the situation and may even help lighten the mood of the caller. If your organization deals directly with customers, occupying the time with on-hold music can be engaging to your customers while helping to alleviate the stress of a situation.

Fill the On Hold Void!

Although most callers do not enjoy being placed on hold, it’s inevitable. If you want to provide good customer service, offer a resourceful on hold music and messaging program. It’s better than silence! Contacting managers or inquiring about products and services is not possible for customers waiting on hold. So on-hold music and messaging is where the difference lies for callers. If you don’t have detailed messages or alluring music available when your customers are put on hold, you should consider the difference it makes.