5 Topics to Use in Your On Hold Messaging

When creating your on hold messaging, many items to include may seem obvious like your address and website information. But if your intention is to keep callers on hold and not in a coma there are other more interesting items that you should consider including in any well written script.

#1        New Products/Upgrades

Are you offering new products that your customers need to learn about? The time when they are placed on hold is really an ideal time to introduce them to your latest product updates and changes as well as any new products they may not be aware of . This can help increase sales.

#2       Recent Awards or Milestones

Has your organization received any new awards? Have any of your employees received any major recognition lately? What about the anniversary that your company began? Why not share that good news with your customers while they are waiting to speak with you? This is a good opportunity to build some brand loyalty by sharing who you are, where you started and honoring those employees that helped you get there.

#3       Taglines

A tagline is your brand. It’s included in all your marketing materials like your brochures, business cards, and your website. Don’t forget to include your tagline in your on hold messaging. It is a great way to gain brand recognition.

#4       Trivia/Did You Know? Segments

On Hold MessagingHow about creating something fun for your listeners while they are on hold? Marketing does not have to be business all the time in order to be effective. Why not provide some trivia about your industry or field? Letting people know there is a Superman reference in every single episode of Seinfeld or that non-dairy creamer is flammable might make someone chuckle rather than focus on the fact that they are on hold in the first place. Entertaining people while they are on hold is a good way to build good will and leave your customers with something fun in their day which they will appreciate.

#5       How To or FAQ’s

Why not offer your customers waiting on hold some instructions on how your products work or answer the most frequently asked questions for them? Many times customers could be calling for information that you can provide to them while they are waiting to speak to one of your representatives. You may even be able to send them to your FAQ’s section on your website and save your staff some valuable time working on other matters like FreeCell and Amazon.com!!