What Do People Do When There is No On Hold Messaging?

Being on hold is a necessary experience we all share, but many do not enjoy. If you have a professionally prepared on hold messaging program for customers to listen to then you are making the most of their time which will result in making the most of yours. It is a captive audience just waiting to hear about your products and services. But if there isn’t a program playing, then they are going to do something else with the time you are giving them by placing them in silence.

Here are just some things that your audience is doing instead of learning more about what you have to offer.


Checking email is a no brainer. This is probably the first thing they will do while waiting for a representative to pick up on the other end. Wouldn’t it be nice if your company took this time to tell customers about your FAQ’s oOn Hold Messagingn your website whereby driving traffic to your site. This will also free up your team if your audience can find their answers online.

Checking Social Status

When there is nothing to listen to on hold but bad elevator music, what a great time to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or tumblr account to name just a few options.  They may even post their status as “This on hold music is making me insane!” Good music is as important as an on hold message and it is easy to add to your system. Why not be kind to your customers and let them enjoy some nice music at least?


When people are bored while on hold they may take the opportunity to do some shopping.  If they heard about your sales while waiting for a representative, they could shop with you online if you have a message that tells them to do just that. They are your customers (or at least potential ones) or they wouldn’t be calling you to begin with. Don’t lose them to someone else while they are waiting to speak with you.

The Power of Zen

If there is complete silence on the line, then maybe your callers will take the moment to meditate. Studies show that a few minutes of mediation each day reduces stress and can lower blood pressure which can be caused by being placed on hold. You can reduce this stress very easily and economically by creating a great on hold program that your customers can enjoy. At least give them music to mediate too.

It is clear that you want to provide your customers with a professional on hold messaging program to listen to. By creating an on hold program, you are valuing your customers’ time. They will appreciate the effort and may reward you will increase sales.