Don’t Ask Your Customers to Just Hold It!

How long do people stay on hold before they hang up? According to some research it is between 10-13 minutes before they reach a “boiling point” according to Business Insider.

Customer Service MattersOn Hold Messages

Although this research is a few years old, the pain suffered by people on hold does not really change unless the on hold messages have (or at least been added!). In fact, it is bad customer service that triggers more complaints than when customers have a positive experience.

According to the survey released by American Express, a person will share their bad experience with an average of 24 people when a good experience is shared with an average of 15 people.

Use Your Powers for Good

How do you help your customers have a good experience on hold? Instead of putting them at their boiling point you can create an informative on hold program where customers can feel their time is being use productively. They will thank you not only in increased sales but by sharing that positive experience with others.

A reputable on hold company will be able to produce on hold messages by gathering together professional voice talent, well-crafted script writing as well as really good music. All of these elements combine to help you and your customers make a potentially bad experience a good one.

Why Do I Need On Hold Messages?

It may not sound like it, but 10 minutes is a long time especially on hold. In the world of marketing and advertising, it is a tremendous amount of time to be able to communicate to a captive audience. Make this time work for you and your customers.

What does this all mean for your business? It translates to an opportunity to reach your customers. With a custom on hold message their experience connecting with your company will be a better one.