Fenner Drives Phone Traffic Efficiently With Professional Auto Attendant Recordings

Fenner Drives is a leader in design and manufacturing technology and as such recognizes the need to get their marketing information out to their customers at every turn while providing symmetry in their messaging. That is the role Mind The Gap plays in providing auto attendant recordings in this company’s overall marketing playbook. Using a professionally created auto attendant program helps to harmonize Fenner Drive’s marketing messages whether it comes from their website, direct mail, commercials, social media or on hold messaging program.

Auto Attendant Greetings

Professional auto attendant recordings allows a company like Fenner Drives to manage clients more effectively by directing phone traffic while simultaneously providing continued branding recognition for their entire campaign. Having to address the wide variety of engineering needs of their clients, Mind The Gap helps direct clients to various sections quickly and without delay. Whether callers are looking for the latest technology in 3-D printing or custom manufacturing, our professional auto attendant recordings guide them all efficiently. There is no substitute for a professional sounding spokesperson carrying your company’s message to the public. Sound as good as you look!

For Fenner Drives, the need to reach out beyond their clients to their employees’ families was something that was provided through the use of our professional auto attendant messages. For example, one option directs families in an emergency situation to a specific line where they can reach their family member more directly and immediately regardless of the site location where they are working. Such programming would prove to be overly burdensome to a call center or receptionist.

Professional auto attendant recordings allows for highly efficient processing of everyday calls. Mind The Gap helped solve their phone traffic problems so they can solve their clients’ manufacturing problems.