On Hold for the Best Cupcakes in 2014

We are Just One Big Family

We know what you’re thinking. Yes, they are family. So what? If you can’t shamelessly use your family to self-promote, then who can you use?

Anthony Gallo, brother of Marc Gallo, President of Mind The Gap®, owns Gallo’s Bakery. Now despite their sibling rivalry, Gallo’s Bakery still wanted us to prepare a new program for them.

The original program was old and had existed from the days when we needed businesses to practice on. Marc likes to think of it as payback for all the years he was used as target practice for 3 older brothers. Family is great for providing endless sources of opportunities for trial and error.

The Best Cupcakes in the History of Cupcakes

On Hold Messages

Gallo’s Bakery first opened in 1985. They have since grown into 3 locations due to the terrific demand on their amazing baked goods. They recently won “Best Cupcakes in NJ 2014” according to South Jersey Magazine and to their friends, family and loyal customers, they are the best cupcakes EVER!

The bakery recently moved to a new location in Marlton, New Jersey and needed to update their on hold messages to share this fact with their many callers. On any given day, Gallo’s receives an over-abundance of callers from anxious brides wanting an appointment to discuss their wedding cake to dinner guests looking for that perfect dessert to bring to the party.

Gallo’s New On Hold Program

Mind the Gap® produced a new program with the music and voice talent to match the Gallo brand. We infused red-hot blues rather than typical, generic muzak because Gallo’s is far from typical. We had a well-known local Philly radio personality read the messages that they needed to share.

Who is it you say? See if you can tell by taking a listen below:


Next time you’re in the Philly area, make sure to place an order for one of their premier cakes, cookies, breads or cupcakes that makes them a local favorite. And don’t forget to tell them Mind The Gap® sent you (although we can’t promise whether that will work in your favor – you know how brothers can be).