On Hold Messaging for the Trucking Industry

On Hold Messaging for the Trucking Industry

Moran Transportation CorporationOn hold messaging for the trucking industry can be effective in driving callers to their websites and informing them of their competitive advantages and ancillary services. The dispatching centers for these companies handle a high volume of calls. On hold messages can help manage them better by having customers submit orders on line or answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) instead of a live operator handling them.

A new Mind The Gap client, Moran Transportation Corporation, has decided to utilize our on hold messaging service on their newly installed Cisco VOIP system. For the reasons outlined above, Michael D. Moran, Vice President of Sales, wanted to take advantage of their high call volume by making the hold time for their callers more resourceful. Below are some script strategies we used in their program.

Drive On Line Traffic:

“Whatever you’re shipping, wherever you’re going, Moran makes it easy.  And now you can place an order for a pick-up with just a few quick clicks at our web site, morantransportation.com.   Just ask our customer service rep for information about online pick-up submission – and you’ll see how easy it is!”

Stress Competitive Advantages:

“Moran has the largest fleet of liftgate, straight trucks and trailers in the industry! Our “Can Do!” attitude ensures making those difficult liftgate & inside deliveries that the larger carriers won’t do.  Ask our customer service rep for more information or log on to morantransportation.com. At Moran, service isn’t just a department. It’s a commitment to quality that inspires our entire company!”

Highlight Other Services:

“Did you know that, along with our transportation services, Moran offers flexible warehouse & storage programs to meet your unique individual needs?  We have more than 500,000 square feet of dry storage space, along with the inventory control and packaging & assembly systems to handle all or any part of your warehousing needs – short-term or long-term.  To learn more about our warehouse services and locations, visit us online at publicwarehousingchicago.com and click on “service-solutions” to see all that Moran can do for you!”

There are other on hold strategies to use depending on the clients’ needs, but these address critical areas regarding call management, operational efficiency and marketing in the trucking industry.

Hear the Moran Transportation on hold messaging program.