Voice & Music for Haven Hospice On Hold Messaging

Voice & Music for Haven Hospice On Hold Messaging

Haven Hospice, based in Gainesville, FL, has recently contracted Mind The Gap, through our partner Chernoff-Newman, to produce a professional on hold messaging program. Providing hospice services to critically ill patients, Haven wanted a program to impart compassion and warmth when the patients’ families and loved ones were on hold.

Hospice ServiceVoice selection is an important decision in the creation of an on hold program. The tone and performance of the voice needs to be relevant and effective for those who call. Understanding the hospice industry, we knew a female voice with an empathetic tone and soothing quality would be best. Eileen Brady, with vast experience in the healthcare industry, was our recommended voice talent for this program.

In addition, the music for a client like Haven needed to be reflective and peaceful. We wanted the music to have a moderate tempo and consistent dynamics. This would create the right ambience for Eileen’s voice and Haven’s on hold callers. We selected AC12, an acoustic guitar composition from Mind The Gap’s Music Library.

Even though their on hold program is verbally dense, the empathetic themes and the soothing sonic quality makes for a compelling listen without drawing too much attention to itself.

In challenging times when the passing of a loved one is near, Haven has created an environment of consolation and emotional support from the time a family member enters their facility to a close friend calling, waiting to be connected to a loved one while on hold. We’re grateful to make a small contribution to Haven’s cause.

Hear the Haven Hospice on hold messaging program.