Silly Yuletide with Droga5

…about time a client has a sense of humor regarding auto attendant recordings!

Auto Attendant Recordings
Droga5 NYC…their office is on a small boat in the Hudson

Be gone generic lines…”Thank you for calling the Boring Company, Press 1 for Boring Sales, Press 2 for Boring Customer Service, Press 3 for our Boring receptionist…at Boring, expect to be bored!”

This time, Droga5, a major advertising agency from NYC, came calling to put a new twist on these type of recordings during the holiday season.

Sure it’s important to efficiently drive phone traffic to the desired destination but we don’t we have some fun while we do it! Unfortunately, most businesses just take their businesses way too seriously. And you know what happens? Nobody ends up having any fun!

So ’tis the season to let loose and let it all hang out (well…maybe not everything!).

Ok now we’re going to get creative and silly with the perfunctory use of auto attendant messages…

Check out these samples:

Thank you for calling!

Press 1 to report us to the Better Business Bureau, weekends only

Press 2 to get better service from our Malaysian competitor

Press 3 to contact our Customer Service Manager by data modem

Press 4 to call our company again

Press 5 to hear our top ten customer complaints in braille 

Press 6 to speak with our billing representative on vacation

Press 7 to leave a message on the smartphone of the owner’s wife

Press 8 to complain to the owner about these auto attendant messages

Press 9 to record your own auto attendant message for our phone tree

Press 0 to be put on hold

Press * to hear more useless options

Press # to just hang up!

Auto Attendant Voice
…just take the damn picture and let’s get the show on the road!


Auto Attendant Script
One of the rare moments Marc smiles…


Auto Attendant Recording Service
Bryan Ramona still amused by the use of the    Helvetica font

Now that was fun! Feel free to use these auto attendant messages or create your own. When your customers call, try to make it an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

Of course, you need to get down to business. Everyone’s time is valuable and time is money. But that shouldn’t preclude from having some fun.

Should it?