Small Company: Big Marketing With On Hold Messaging

Think your company is too small to use on hold marketing? Think again. Despite what you have been told, size doesn’t matter, especially when it comes to on hold messages for business.

Big ideas should not be the purview of large companies alone. How you direct the path of your business defines your brand and mission and your marketing scheme needs to lead the way.

Napoleon Complex On Hold Messaging

Don’t let your desire to become more aggressive in your marketing become your Waterloo. Thinking bigger does not automatically mean you need to “out market” your larger competition.

On hold messaging and in store messaging requires very little effort in light of the return you receive by way of sales. Less is more in the on hold arena.

Dream Big: Spend Small

Don’t think because you have a limited marketing budget that your advertising can’t be extensive. Small changes can reap big rewards and it does not have to break the bank.

On hold messaging programs are the most economical options you have to get your message to your customers. You have a captive audience when customers call and have to be placed on hold. It is a great opportunity to not only share information, but to drive traffic to your website and convert it into sales.

It’s Easy to Implement an On Hold Messaging Program

Script: Professional copy writing is included in the pricing. The price point will not affect the message you create. You should have final review of the script as added insurance anyway.

Voice: Nothing can beat the soothing voice of someone who knows how to get your message across. Professional voice over talent knows how to convey what you want you your customers to hear.

Music: When good music is added to a quality production, people will pay attention to your message. It will be heard for a small licensing fee that should be included in any package you purchase. This includes the really cool commercial stuff that can load updates over the internet while you are completely hands off.

For little effort and cost smaller companies can create marketing plans that their larger competitors use every day. A little effort in the use of on hold messages can have a bigger impact in your overall sales.