Why Adding a Commercial Music Service to On Hold Messaging Improves the On Hold Experience

If you already have an existing music on hold program, you are aware of the marketing value it brings to your company. You also recognize the value in rearranging your program often enough to keep your message effective. People’s tastes change like the wind so don’t keep your customer stuck listening to the same music for extended periods of time. If they are made miserable on hold, you will be miserable when you pick up the line.

Music On Hold
Aidan & Ethan performing a slow jam

The Music On Hold Matters

Savvy marketing people embrace upgrades to all their marketing media. Your on hold message should be no exception to that rule and not just the copy. The music is just as important as the script.

The music is what helps draw people in. That is why many companies are turning towards a commercial music service as an option.  Customers can become bored with the same music used over and over again. By streaming music that your clients recognize from the radio, you improve the musical experience for your clients.

Why Choose a Commercial Music Service?

Any reputable company will offer a wide variety of music channels that stream a specific genre of music. Channels can offer classical to easy jazz to soft rock that is current or from another decade altogether. There are even alternative music selections for the more adventurous like electronic mixes for a stylish salon as well as new age music for a spa. It is up to you to select what best suits your brand.

Cost is always a consideration when it comes to marketing. The fact that a commercial music service can be purchased for about the same as a regular on hold music program is just another reason to look at it as a real option.

The best reason of all from a customer’s perspective: it is commercial free! The only message they will hear is yours and not the long line of other ads that are played on the radio or music stream sites such as Pandora.

How does it Work with Your On Hold Messages?

That is the easiest part. The commercial music service is integrated with your professionally scripted messages all in one digital on hold player. This player interfaces seamlessly with your phone system and VOILA! Your message plays along with music that your customers recognize and enjoy.

Leave them tapping their feet and maybe dancing at their desks setting the right vibe to buy.