Sound Design Lecture: Visualize Audio

NOTE: This sound design lecture was held at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ on April 24, 2019. The topic was visualizing audio with the use of the Perceived Space Graph, courtesy of musEDlab. Marc A. Gallo conducted the lecture. It was hosted by David DeLizza, Adjunct Professor in the Music Department at Rowan University.

This lecture discusses the process of visualizing audio to improve signal flow and spatial separation in the sonic field. Machiavelli Funeral Homes, an animation produced by the artist Gallospole, is referenced during the study. Digital Performer serves as the digital audio workstation.

Space Graph for Machiavelli Funeral Homes by Gallospole

The following sound design questions are addressed…

  • Why visualizing audio improves sonic clarity and picture to sound synchronicity
  • How the space graph can show the width and depth of sounds and their perceived movement in a mix
  • Why amplitude shares the same degree of import as width and depth when visualizing audio
Marc A. Gallo lecturing at Rowan University Glassboro, NJ

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