Visualizing Sound – An AES Presentation by Marc A. Gallo, An Award-Winning Sound Designer

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In January 2021, Chip Powell, Chair for the Audio Engineering Society – Philadelphia Section, invited Marc A. Gallo to make a presentation on sound design for film, video and animation.

Visualizing Sound by Marc A. Gallo, Sound Designer
Visualizing Sound by Marc A. Gallo, Sound Designer

Gallo, an award-winning sound designer, presented “Visualizing Sound for Film, Video & Animation”, which is an in-depth analysis of his unique strategies in creating the sound design for the animation, TARAC WIPPP. It was held on February 24, 2021 for AES members from around the world. This video is an abridged and augmented version of his presentation.

In creating the TARAC WIPPP sound design, Gallo discusses how he used the “Perceived Space Graph”, a strategic tool developed by the NYU Music Experience Design Lab. Like storyboards commonly referenced in filmmaking, this graph helped provide clarity to the audio field and achieve his sonic vision.

Notably, Gallo deconstructs the compelling scene of the moving chairs simulating a roller coaster ride in TARAC WIPPP. Through a series of graphs, he demonstrates how this scene evolves sonically with a detailed, play-by-play analysis. In this presentation, he’s “visualizing sound”.

Visualizing Sound for Film, Video & Animation – An AES Presentation

The platform of choice was the digital audio workstation, Digital Performer. It has specific features that are optimal for the production of sound designs and soundtracks in films, videos and animations.

Perceived Space Graph for TARAC WIPPP
Perceived Space Graph for TARAC WIPPP

Gallo has lectured at colleges and universities about sound design and music production. Recently, he was selected to serve on the Steering Committee of the Audio Engineering Society – Philadelphia Section and is planning more AES presentations on sound and music for motion pictures.

Special thanks to all the brilliant musicians, engineers, actors and animators in making TARAC WIPPP possible as well as Chip Powell in assisting with this AES presentation.

The TARAC WIPPP Music Video Trailer appears courtesy of Great Egg Music.

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