Synergize Your On Hold Copy

Synergize Your On Hold Copy

We recently produced a program for Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union from Houston, TX. They’ve been a Mind The Gap client since 2007. Their Marketing Director, April Jones, utilizes on hold messaging to augment Cy-Fair promotions and events advertised in other media.

Specifically in their recent on hold program, we created a message about Cy-Fair’s Annual Shred Day event. This event allows all Cy-Fair members and others to shred confidential documents for free. Its advertised in their brochures, on their website and all their retail locations. Since they have a significant amount of inbound calls, this message promotes a value added service to their members which results in customer retention and loyalty.

This on hold message also demonstrates a “synergistic” approach to advertising. Advertising is not just an outbound strategy, wherein you’re solely reaching “out” to prospects and customers. It’s an inbound and outbound synergy, maximizing marketing opportunities in both realms. You can read more about using on hold and in store messaging for inbound marketing here.

April has demonstrated an effective way to balance the two, depending on the opportunity. If your promotion or event is weighted towards your customers as opposed to prospects, then focus on inbound venues. Here is where your customers lie to appreciate the message and this Annual Shred Day message was perfectly placed!

Read the Annual Shred Day message below:

Cy-Fair’s Annual Community Shred Day is coming up on Saturday, July 24th.  It’s your chance to safely dispose of any documents with your personal information.  You bring it.  We’ll shred it.  And you can bring up to ten file boxes of documents.  With identity theft so rampant today – and with so much at stake, it’s important to dispose of any documents safely.  Just bring them to Cy-Fair’s Annual Community Shred Day, at the Cy-Fair FCU Jones Road Branch, 9601 Jones Road in Houston … on Saturday, July 24th from 9a.m. to 1p.m.