How Margaret Mary Community Hospital Uses On Hold Messaging

How Margaret Mary Community Hospital Uses On Hold Messaging

Margaret Mary Community Hospital has been a Mind The Gap client since 2007. Providing valuable healthcare services to greater southeastern Indiana, Margaret Mary seeks to inform and educate their callers about the latest medical technologies, services and infrastructural improvements with on hold messaging.

Since Margaret Mary Community Hospital’s average on hold times are higher than the norm, they provide the following information to their callers:

1)   Contact information on medical professionals and their specialties practicing at their hospital
2)   Free medical services offered to the public
3)   Updates on new services, construction projects and other improvements to their facilities

Reflux PainSpecifically, in their latest on hold program, they added a new medical procedure for acid reflux called Esophex, performed by Dr. Albers and Dr. Geer. For convenience, the message provides the doctors’ contact information as well.

“Is chronic heartburn or acid reflux affecting your life? Tired of the daily regimen of pill popping and having to be so concerned about what you eat and drink? Pills for reducing stomach acid treat only the symptoms of acid reflux, not the cause; and the relief from pills is only temporary.  But now there’s a new procedure that treats the cause of acid reflux. General surgeons Brian Albers and Jon Geers are the first doctors in the region to offer this new incisionless procedure called EsophyX. It could be the cure you’ve been hoping for. For more information, call Dr. Brian Albers at 812.933.1600 or Dr. Jon Geers at 812.934.9191 … or visit”

Margaret Mary also provides free medical screenings for those who qualify. In these challenging economic times when many go without healthcare, they offer mammograms to those who would not be able to afford it. These critical screenings are a great contribution to the welfare of their community.

“Getting an annual mammogram is still the best way to detect breast cancer in its early, most curable stages. That’s why Margaret Mary Community Hospital is committed to providing mammograms to all women, regardless of their ability to pay. If you are uninsured and have a financial need, you may qualify for a free mammogram. To learn more, ask to be connected to extension 5257.”

To hear their entire on hold messaging program, please visit