Your On Hold Music Sucks & Here’s Why

If you’re like me you probably hate being on hold. But in business it’s a necessary evil. Funny that I decided to own a company that specializes in “being on hold.” My motivation then and now is to change that experience. Make it captivating and even entertaining. So when a caller is placed on hold, […]

Why The On Hold Music?

I recently read an article written by Tom Vanderbilt for Slate titled “Your Call is Important to Us: The History and Psychology of Hold Music” and found it very interesting from a historical perspective to help explain why it is so common to hear on hold music and messaging when you are placed on hold today. […]

On Hold Music Matters – Here’s Why

I have said it several times in many blog posts as “mistress of the obvious”: being on hold sucks. It just does and it is bad music that drives a lot of the negative feelings associated with this experience. Yet we can’t escape having to be on hold at some point so is there anything […]

Mind The Gap Featured in Forbes

I was recently introduced to Larry Myler, a Forbes contributor, who was writing an article on niche businesses. He was curious about my business which offers on hold messaging and on hold music. Unlike full service advertising agencies, Mind The Gap primarily focuses on hold applications. Our service seeks to maximize the marketing potential of […]

On Hold Messaging Commercial featuring Aidan & Ethan

Mind The Gap’s attempt to produce an on hold music and messaging commercial with background music provided by Aidan & Ethan. Watch how Marc Gallo tries to direct his co-actors (really his twin boys) to no avail. History This production was done during the summer of 2010. Aidan & Ethan were 6 years old and […]

What I’m Missing in My Brand Messaging

Is Your Brand Messaging Consumer Friendly? One of the most important aspects of any brand is to create a memorable interaction that consumers can remember. This can be a specific tune, saying or image that individuals can easily identify for a product or service. When you consider the impact that messaging makes in order to […]

Your Brain On Music (Infographic)

Endless research exists  on the impact music has on the brain. Music can affect the way you think, how you perform, and can increase your memory and attention. The results of listening to music can vary depending on the type of music playing as well. From the music you like to sing to the music […]

4 Steps to Implement On Hold Music for Multiple Locations

STEP #1: It’s all in the On Hold Copywriting All good on hold programs start with the writing. This is a must for any successful program because even the best music and most talented voices can’t overcome bad writing. If you do not have a marketing copy writer on staff, then solicit the experienced editorial […]

How to Avoid an On Hold Music Program from Hell

The Reality is No One Wants to be Placed On Hold It is just a necessary function of today’s business world. It is also an experience we all have shared at one time or another, but there is no rule that says it has to be painful. On Hold Music Hurts My Head  One of […]