Your On Hold Music Sucks & Here’s Why

If you’re like me you probably hate being on hold. But in business it’s a necessary evil. Funny that I decided to own a company that specializes in “being on hold.”

On_Hold_Music_SucksMy motivation then and now is to change that experience. Make it captivating and even entertaining. So when a caller is placed on hold, they are not repelled by this medium, let alone your company, but rather engaged.

Unfortunately, most companies suck at the on hold experience. The script sucks. The music sucks. The voice talent should probably seek another line of work and the on hold company should just close their doors. There…enough said!

Or is it?

Ignore This Medium At Your Own Peril

You can’t ignore this medium for it entails your most targeted audience, your customers. So here are a few suggestions in making the on hold experience effective and hopefully profitable:

  • Variety Is The Shit! On hold music really sucks when you loop the same fucking music, over and over again. Make certain you have at least 15 minutes of music that is varied and cool. Avoid cheesy, canned, muzaky crap.
  • This Medium Is As Important As Your Advertising! Don’t fucking blow it! Spend sufficient time and effort to engage this captive audience with a professionally produced on hold music and messaging program.
  • Don’t Try To Produce It Yourself! Nothing gives me a better laugh then when a company that has no experience in audio production tries to do it themselves. Look you’re out of your league. Focus on your business and defer it to the professionals.
  • Kill The Generic Auto Attendant Recordings! Cisco, Avaya and others offer their clients these prerecorded messages for newly installed phone systems as an added benefit. Guess what? They suck! Pull these recordings behind the barn and put them out of their misery. Unless, of course, you want to sound like everyone else…canned, generic, bland.

Don’t Suck Like Everyone Else

If you love your company and customers, then invest the time and money that shows it. Most companies settle for an on hold music and messaging program that, well you guessed it, sucks. Set yourself apart…your customers will love you for it!