What I’m Missing in My Brand Messaging

Is Your Brand Messaging Consumer Friendly?

One of the most important aspects of any brand is to create a memorable interaction that consumers can remember. This can be a specific tune, saying or image that individuals can easily identify for a product or service. When you consider the impact that messaging makes in order to engage consumers, you need to choose your context wisely. This is especially true when it comes to the on hold messaging of your company.

Avoiding the Mundane On Hold ProgramOn Hold Messaging

Decades ago, people were often met with the inevitable “elevator music” when being put on hold when calling a company. While some people may have enjoyed the tunes, a large portion found themselves ignoring the white noise of the melody until an operator responded. Today, recording and technology allow businesses to integrate more into these hold periods that can engage the consumer.

For example, many organizations will incorporate new deals and discounts within their on hold productions by updating their message frequently. Once a caller realizes that the program is offering ways they may further benefit from the company, he or she begins to listen more intently. It is through these messages that increase the potential of specific sales or services offered by the company of which the caller may not have been aware.

To engage your customers even further, your messaging on the line needs to focus on what is important to your target audience. Ask yourself what information do you customers need to hear from you on any given day?

Gathering Information about Your Target Audience

There are several methods that can help you discover more about your consumer base. Webpage analytics, surveys and direct cold calling are just a few of the ways that can help you discover who your patrons are and what they want. Once you’ve found out what matters most to your consumers, you can develop on hold messaging that is more engaging to the caller. The information gathered from surveying the customer can be invaluable for creating new and innovative marketing methods beyond your calling application. By matching your on hold messaging to the points you drive in open markets, you create consistency within your reputation which most consumers may relish. Many customers will quickly change to a competing company because of the slightest inconsistencies.

The messages people hear while on hold can do more for your brand than what you may realize. It’s a method that can help you deliver additional products and services while laying the groundwork for content in which individuals may find interesting.