How Marketing On Hold Improves Customer Support

Tell Your On Hold Customers What You Can Do for Them

When customers are placed on hold it creates an opportunity for you to not only tell them about your company, but what services you can provide to fit various needs. For example, a customer is calling in to ask for hours of operation or whether you are open on an upcoming holiday. Your on hold message should include that basic information as well as frequent updates for holiday schedule changes.

On Hold Messages

What if a customer needs a particular form or to schedule an appointment? You can direct them to your website where you can provide them with the access and materials they are looking for. This one step can free up your call staff tremendously.

If you are in the business of taking orders, then directing phone traffic to your website to place their orders will allow your staff more time to manage their work load and less time on the phone.

We Have New Stuff

What if you are making changes to your services or updating a program you have offered in the past? This information needs to be added to your message as frequently as you change your offerings.

Don’t be put off by the idea of updating an on hold message. This is a simple task for your on hold company to perform for you so you don’t have to.  A refresh is a simple step with digital streaming while you stay focused on what you do best. It is a quick step to helping provide your customers with the most recent information.

Let Us Help You Help Us

By sharing options quickly and conveniently with your customers, you are connecting brand recognition with good will. People will return to places where they feel they received helpful information. They will also share that experience with others which translates to more business for you.

So next time you are making updates to your marketing scheme, don’t forget your on hold messaging. When you make changes to your website and other marketing media, what is on the line matters too.