Which On Hold Messaging Plan is Best for Your Company?

This is a common question asked by many of our prospects. It’s a given that on hold music and messaging is an integral part of your company’s advertising strategy. But the $64,000 question remains: How often should you change it?

Two Types Of On Hold Clients

We can generally divide our clients into two categories: Frequent Users and Infrequent Users.

If your company has weekly, monthly and quarterly promotions or product lines in constant flux, then you should opt to change your on hold messaging frequently. It keeps your customers abreast of the latest specials and products which will only improve sales for your company.On Hold Messaging

If your company provides consistent products and services throughout the year such as those found in construction, accounting, insurance and retirement communities, then one on hold messaging program that reinforces your brand and core offerings is best.

What Are The Cost Differences In Each On Hold Plan?

You can expect a monthly fee including all updates to messages and music as well as delivery of the program to their locations if your company changes its on hold music and messaging program frequently.

Since music licensing fees are a fair and reasonable contractual obligation to the recording artists, you should expect to pay a surcharge for each location regardless if a physical player is installed or not.

Should you rarely change your program then you’ll typically just pay a one time fee which would include script, voice, music, production and licensing. In addition, you can use your on hold program for as long as you want without any annual licensing fees.

In the end, you’ll find that it’s not difficult to decide which plan is best and it’s easy to implement a professional on hold music and messaging program at a reasonable price for your company.