Promote your Products and Services Through On Hold Messaging

The Best Greeter Is Waiting On Hold

Flourishing businesses are continuously proactive. A successful company never slows the quest for more sales, quality branding and excellent customer relations. Incoming telephone calls are the first interactive connection used to establish these important objectives. The best on-hold messaging designs fortify business development efforts. Poorly functioning systems weaken even the strongest customer bonds and eliminate potential business you may not even know is out there. A good on-hold message system is designed to make every incoming caller connection pleasurable, productive and customer retaining.

On Hold Messaging Must Flex

The impact of the first impression cannot be undersold. It will tell your customers how seriously you take them, and will establish you as a concerned and professional businessMusic on hold that delivers the same quality in your product or service. It is important that on hold messages for business are perfectly calibrated. The volume must be high enough to be clearly understood, yet not so loud the caller must move the phone away from their ear. The recorded voice must be pleasing, and a voice that callers enjoy.

Messages should be changed regularly to adapt to the ever-fluctuating business environment and to remain interesting. Information that was fresh and powerful only days ago could need adjustment because of dynamic market conditions. We will help you with a tone and tempo that exemplifies you and your company and show you as responsive and aware. The most effective programs are regularly monitored and tweaked.

Many Customers Prefer Music On Hold and Messaging

In many situations, customers and clients are able to find their answers and solve their problems just by listening to a well-designed on-hold message. Often, a customer enjoys an even more positive experience by listening to clear and easy to understand recorded information without actually having to speak with someone. Well produced music can only add to that experience.

If on-hold messaging is effective then callers can wait until after hours to take care of their needs with the recorded system. Even though some organizations boast about having a real person on the other end, in reality, a conversation with a real person it isn’t always the preferred initial contact. The waiting time for a direct connection is a magic window of opportunity. This window is the time to convey important information and to set the mood for the business transaction that is coming soon.

Hearing about special offers, upcoming events and important information from a pleasant voice adds to a listening experience that existing customers want to repeat. Each custom script should be designed to deliver the perfect balance of critical information and pleasant music; never repetitive and tiresome but interesting to listen to.