Mind The Gap’s Marc A. Gallo Interviewed by Tore Fiore on iRadioPhilly’s The Delco Show

Wow…what an interview! Tore Fiore was on fire! I was expecting a laid back discussion about Mind The Gap’s on hold music and messaging services but instead I was confronted with an engaging and testosterone-fueled pontification about how cool we are. Tore may look old but he acted like he just polished off 5 Red Bulls. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! […]

Bad On Hold Messaging Leads to Bad Customer Service

In a recently posted article, Comcast was taken to task for its reported bad customer service once again, by leaving a customer on hold for over 3 hours. 3 hours people! I can’t even imagine having to be placed on hold for that long and I am in the business of being on hold. YouTuber […]

What Do People Do When There is No On Hold Messaging?

Being on hold is a necessary experience we all share, but many do not enjoy. If you have a professionally prepared on hold messaging program for customers to listen to then you are making the most of their time which will result in making the most of yours. It is a captive audience just waiting […]

Mind The Gap Featured in Forbes

I was recently introduced to Larry Myler, a Forbes contributor, who was writing an article on niche businesses. He was curious about my business which offers on hold messaging and on hold music. Unlike full service advertising agencies, Mind The Gap primarily focuses on hold applications. Our service seeks to maximize the marketing potential of […]

5 Topics to Use in Your On Hold Messaging

When creating your on hold messaging, many items to include may seem obvious like your address and website information. But if your intention is to keep callers on hold and not in a coma there are other more interesting items that you should consider including in any well written script. #1        New Products/Upgrades Are you […]

On Hold Messaging Commercial featuring Aidan & Ethan

Mind The Gap’s attempt to produce an on hold music and messaging commercial with background music provided by Aidan & Ethan. Watch how Marc Gallo tries to direct his co-actors (really his twin boys) to no avail. History This production was done during the summer of 2010. Aidan & Ethan were 6 years old and […]

Small Company: Big Marketing With On Hold Messaging

Think your company is too small to use on hold marketing? Think again. Despite what you have been told, size doesn’t matter, especially when it comes to on hold messages for business. Big ideas should not be the purview of large companies alone. How you direct the path of your business defines your brand and […]

A Small Hospital with a Great Big Heart. Margaret Mary Health, Batesville, IN

Margaret Mary Health is a 25-bed critical access hospital located between Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis. It may have only 25 beds, but in many ways, it isn’t small at all. It provides a broad scope of services to a population of some 65,000 – including 24-hour emergency, maternity, outpatient rehabilitation, home health, hospice, and cancer […]

Promote your Products and Services Through On Hold Messaging

The Best Greeter Is Waiting On Hold Flourishing businesses are continuously proactive. A successful company never slows the quest for more sales, quality branding and excellent customer relations. Incoming telephone calls are the first interactive connection used to establish these important objectives. The best on-hold messaging designs fortify business development efforts. Poorly functioning systems weaken […]