On Hold Music Matters – Here’s Why

I have said it several times in many blog posts as “mistress of the obvious”: being on hold sucks. It just does and it is bad music that drives a lot of the negative feelings associated with this experience. Yet we can’t escape having to be on hold at some point so is there anything […]

A Small Hospital with a Great Big Heart. Margaret Mary Health, Batesville, IN

Margaret Mary Health is a 25-bed critical access hospital located between Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis. It may have only 25 beds, but in many ways, it isn’t small at all. It provides a broad scope of services to a population of some 65,000 – including 24-hour emergency, maternity, outpatient rehabilitation, home health, hospice, and cancer […]

When Silence is Not Golden

If your customers are left with silence when you have to place them on hold, you are adding salt to an open wound. No one likes to be placed on hold for even for a short length of time. It is a business necessity, but it does not mean it has to be a painful […]

Promote your Products and Services Through On Hold Messaging

The Best Greeter Is Waiting On Hold Flourishing businesses are continuously proactive. A successful company never slows the quest for more sales, quality branding and excellent customer relations. Incoming telephone calls are the first interactive connection used to establish these important objectives. The best on-hold messaging designs fortify business development efforts. Poorly functioning systems weaken […]

Your Brain On Music (Infographic)

Endless research exists  on the impact music has on the brain. Music can affect the way you think, how you perform, and can increase your memory and attention. The results of listening to music can vary depending on the type of music playing as well. From the music you like to sing to the music […]

4 Steps to Implement On Hold Music for Multiple Locations

STEP #1: It’s all in the On Hold Copywriting All good on hold programs start with the writing. This is a must for any successful program because even the best music and most talented voices can’t overcome bad writing. If you do not have a marketing copy writer on staff, then solicit the experienced editorial […]

How to Avoid an On Hold Music Program from Hell

The Reality is No One Wants to be Placed On Hold It is just a necessary function of today’s business world. It is also an experience we all have shared at one time or another, but there is no rule that says it has to be painful. On Hold Music Hurts My Head  One of […]